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Chambourcin is a late-ripening grape that may produce a highly rated red wine when the fruit is fully matured. Chambourcin requires a long growing season and a site less subject to low winter temperatures. The large, moderately loose bunches set medium sized blue berries. Chambourcin is versatile for wine making, producing wines that are fruity with somewhat spicy undertones. Young wine can have an effusive fruity flavor, as it ages it evolves into a mature wine characterized by caramel and chocolate flavors. Can be used to produce rose', Beaujolais style, or other medium to full-bodied fairly complex wines, or ports- with hints of raspberry, cloves, cherry, plum and tobacco. Chambourcin wines are often served with dark chocolate.

Sangiovese is a late ripening red that produces wines with pronounced tannins and acidity. The aroma is not very assertive but can have strawberry, blueberry, faintly floral, violet, or plumy character.

*Descriptions from our friends at Double A Vineyards


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